Nico Pauly, Administration &Tutor



NR1-CA-2020 : Nerve reflexology training part 1 (English spoken) (Calgary)

This course is suitable for.

1. Foot reflexologists working on a professional level.

2. Nurses who are interested in pain control.

3. Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors.

4. Sports masseurs, Acupuncture therapists,  Shiatsu therapists and others ...

Prior knowledge.

Since nerve reflex points can be added to other therapies like sports massage, acupuncture and shiatsu prior knowledge of foot reflexology is recommended but not required!

In order to have sufficient knowledge of the nervous system, participants are invited to study the pre-course syllabus “The Human Nervous System”. This syllabus can be downloaded from our website: After enrolment for the training, participants will receive an e-mail of MNT-NR International or the organizer with a login and a password. This give access to the download page for this pre-course syllabus.

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Part 1: 21-22-23-24 May 2020

Part 2: 15-16-17-18; October 2020


Extra information concerning this seminar:

Date of commencement:15-05-2020
x Calgary
Tutor(s):Nico Pauly

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