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Summerschool Touchpoint Copenhagen : Summerschool Touchpoint Copenhagen 2020: Nerve Reflexology Lower back-Pelvis-Organs (Level 1) (Copenhagen)

What you will learn:

  • How to influence the whole body via the nervous system

  • To stimulate nerve reflex points with immediate effect (less pain, more movement)

  • Detailed knowledge of the nervous system

  • The mechanisms of pain physiology

  • Drawing all points on your personal model of a foot skeleton

  • NR-points for the spinal nerves and nerves of the abdomen, pelvis and legs

  • NR-points for the autonomic nervous system

  • NR-points for innervation of the organs

  • To understand the connections between organs and musculo-skeletal problems

  • How nerve reflexology enhances the effects of subsequent treatment

  • To combine nerve reflexology with other therapies

Dates: 11-12-13 July 2020

Extra information concerning this seminar:

Date of commencement:11-07-2020
Ryesgade 27 B, Baghuset 1.sal
2200 Copenhagen
Tutor(s):Dorthe Krogsgaard-Peter Lund Frandsen

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