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WO-CA-2019 : Nerve Reflex Workshop: The Stress Response (English spoken) (Vancouver)

  • Workshop: The Stress-Response. A Sympathetic Nervous System, Hormonal and Immune challenge.

The stress-response in humans is for a great part embedded in the “arousal” function in the nervous system.

“Arousal” stays for the grade of conscious and non-conscious alertness in states of challenge, danger and pain.

In more “older” terms of nervous function, arousal belongs to the structures and pathways of the “limbic system”.  While the limbic system restricts to the unconscious part of the brain under the cortex, in today’s neurophysiology, the arousal function includes autonomic inputs in the brain and responses over a large part of the cortical and subcortical functions.

On the other hand: the immune system plays an important role in the stress-response as it must fight inflammation caused by the nervous and hormonal actions.

In this workshop, we reach out the compact but necessary knowledge around the arousal system and couple it to a practical work-out, embedded in a Manual Neurotherapy-Nerve Reflexology (MNT-NR) concept on stress and pain.

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Headlines of this workshop are:Orfgnai

  • Overview of the arousal system,

  • The “selfish” immune system versus the “selfish” nervous system,

  • Working with Nerve Reflexology -techniques on the nervous and hormonal pathways,

  • Working with Manual Neurotherapy -techniques on somatic and autonomic structures,

  • Combining MNT-NR techniques with foot-zone reflexology.

    An extensive hand-out and a copy of the powerpoint is included in this workshop.

  • Organization: Helga Petersen.


Extra information concerning this seminar:

Date of commencement:08-12-2019
Location:HCP Reflexology Institute
x Vancouver
Tutor(s):Griet Rondel

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