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UPG-DK-2017 : Denmark NR-upgrade: Lower back-Pelvis-Knee (Kopenhagen)

For Nerve Reflexologists and Manual Neurotherapists only.

Nico Pauly and Griet Rondel to teach again in Denmark

The two physiotherapists and leaders of MNT-NR International present an upgrade course for trained nerve reflexologists.

On Upgrade V you will get a whole new approach to the treatment of problems in the lower back, pelvis, SI-joints and knees. Is there a problem in one of the structures, the others will often all be involved.

The course will primarily address chronic problems. Acute knee injuries, however, will have a special section.

On the course you will see Nico demonstrate a full treatment on a client. He is known for his clinical view and sharp prioritization.

Headlines for Upgrade V

  • How to discover and test the different factors involved in pain problems.

  • How do you find out when the problem is mostly related to organs, which organs are most relevant?

  • How do you test whether the sacrum or ileum is primary by problems in the SI-joint?

  • The role of the sacrum in lower back pain – and for the whole spine.

  • Important ligaments in the pelvis - are they more important than muscles?

  • There are many ideas about testing pelvic imbalance, how do you do it right and how you interpret the results?

  • Problems with SI-joints often influence the pubic symphysis. How do you assess and treat?

  • The most common acute and chronic knee injuries, what causes them and how do you treat with NR?

  • How do you prioritize your NR-treatment?

  • Relevant NR-points repeated and new points introduced.

  • How to find and treat the correlations between autonomic and somatic nerves by chronic pain?

  • When can you use techniques from Manual Neurotherapy with lower back, pelvis and knee problems?

  • You learn relevant Manual Neurotherapy body techniques

Extra information concerning this seminar:

Date of commencement:08-09-2017
Ryesgade 27 B, Baghuset 1.sal
2200 Kopenhagen
Tutor(s):Nico Pauly-Griet Rondel

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